Glenwood Elementary School

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School Rules & Policies

Student Handbook
The student handbook contains the rules and policies that students attending Glenwood Elementary are expected to follow.  To review/download a copy of the student handbook, please click the links below.
Dress Code
The staff at Glenwood School strives to create a safe environment for all students. Children’s accessories and hair should not interfere with learning. The dress code has been created by the Glenwood School Site Council comprised of parents and staff and approved by the Robla School Board. The dress code will be strictly enforced. Students who are dressed inappropriately will need to call home to get the appropriate clothing before returning to class.
The uniform for the school year is as follows:
  • Shirts must have a collar. Colors will be white, navy or dark green.
  • Pants, shorts and skirts will be navy, black or khaki and uniform material and style.
  • Shorts and skirts must be at least as long as your child's fingertips with their arms at their sides.
  • Jeans, Skinny or otherwise, are not allowed.
  • Gator t-shirts and sweaters may be worn if purchased through the school.
Exceptions to the Uniform Code will include:
  • Student birthdays
  • Summer birthdays will be celebrated during the year on a chosen day.
  • Last Monday of every month is free dress day. If a holiday falls on a Monday, there will be no free dress for that month.
  • Picture days
  • Spirit Days
Miscellaneous school dress policies:
  • Body earrings must be limited to the ears. Large hoops and large studs will not be allowed.
  • No fake fingernails.
  • No hair dye, permanent or semi-permanent, spray on or otherwise, is allowed.
  • No hats, ball caps, scarves, rags, or hair nets are allowed on campus at any time.
  • Shorts and skirts need to be at least fingertip length with hands at the sides.
  • No colored t-shirts may be worn under uniform shirts unless they are uniform shirt colors.
  • No rub-on tattoos.
  • No thongs/flip flops or slip on shoes.
  • Thongs/flip-flops or slip on shoes are not appropriate for school activities.
  • Pants must be worn appropriately; no sagging. Pant legs may not be rolled up unevenly, to draw attention to them.
  • Pants must cover the top of a student’s underwear. Boxer shorts may not be visible over pant waistband.
  • On free dress days, the following are not allowed: mesh tank tops, revealing clothing such as midriffs, low cut or spaghetti strap tops, short skirts or inappropriately tight clothing, baggy or sagging pants, and clothing with controversial or inappropriate writing on it.